PROVE Network

dynamic realm 

explore a comprehensive body of research created by the PROtective VEntilation (PROVE) Network, comprising 20 RCTs and 11 observational studies in ventilation, along with insights from 6 harmonized and pooled databases

delve into 7 studies on closedloop ventilation, examine findings from 3 Delphi consensus processes covering various aspects of respiratory support, and stay informed on 3 largescale COVID19 projects

additionally, explore preclinical studies focused on lung protection and cuttingedge projects in the realm of artificial intelligence 


the PROVE Network, established in 2014 by Prof. Paolo Pelosi, Prof. Marcelo Gama de Abreu, Prof. Marcus Schultz, Dr. Sabrine Hemmes, and Prof. Ary Serpa Neto, conducts impactful multicenter clinical studies in ventilation 

our research explores novel strategies to enhance patient care and safety in operating rooms (OR) and intensive care units (ICU)

led by esteemed professionals, the network comprises dedicated sections for randomized clinical trials (RCTs), observational studies, and secondary/meta–canalyses; Dr. Chiara Robba and Dr. Denise Battaglini lead the RCT section, Dr. Sabrine Hemmes and Dr. Lorenzo Ball oversee observational studies, Prof. Ary Serpa Neto, supported by Dr. Guido Mazzinari and Dr. David van Meenen, heads the section for secondary/metaanalyses, Prof. Frederique Paulus supervises the COVID19 projects, Dr. Laura Buiteman coordinates the studies of closed-loop ventilation, and Dr. Prashant Nasa guides Delphi's

in addition, the PROVE Network is also involved in AI and preclinical projects at various specialized laboratories worldwide, and this work is managed by Dr. Robert Huhle, Dr. Martin Scharffenberg and Dr. Jakob Wittenstein

true worldwide collaborations

discover our global network of research centers across 6 continents, actively engaged in groundbreaking clinical investigations and innovative preclinical studies

join our collaborative spirit that transcends borders, fueling continuous advancements

highquality research

the PROVE Network performs highquality research and initiates research projects based on ideas from researchers within and from outside the network

in every project an original hypothesis is tested, using an adequate study design and a sufficient number of patients, and PROVE Networkinitiated studies follow a strict action plan

published work

PROVE Network investigators publish their work in peerreviewed journals

an overview of pubslished work can be found at PubMed

more than 20 academic theses have been written and defended; in the coming 2 years, 14 additional theses will be completed

in the legacy of Paolo Pelosi

we greatly miss our mentor, colleague, and close friend, Paolo, who was a real mastermind in uniting colleagues all over the world for the sake of improving the care of patients; in the legacy of Paolo, we will continue his mission by bringing people together, working together, and will not forget the joy and fun while doing this all